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If you are a student from Engineering Background and want to write a “Statement of Purpose” to apply for a Master’s program, then you can follow the below mentioned structure.

For other study background , you can follow the instructions which will help you to make your own SOP in a good manner.

First Paragraph

Instructions: Tell about yourself, from childhood how you are, what to like more, explain how much you like science related things , reason for pursuing your bachelor in Engineering field etc.

For example: You can write something like this:

My dream of being an engineer started to grow higher from elementary school when I had participated in a second grade science fair with my friend to present a small model of the easiest telephony system which was just a combination of two bottles connected by a wire. I was so amazed when I found that whatever we talked on the other side, our speeches flew invisibly on air and we were getting those voices from our side. That brought out a huge curiosity inside my mind to step in the emerging sides of engineering. The fair was held for three days, and there was something during that period that brought about a significant change in my thinking. I still can recall that while I was looking at others projects shown by our senior grade students, I became so fascinated and started to love the world of technology, and it is everything, and till now, engineering is being with me like a passion.

Second Paragraph

Instructions:  Tell about your undergraduate and H.S.C (if you have any) achievements, your CGPA, Scholarship, or any other academic achievements…

For example: You can write something like this:

Being an excellent science student, I, Sajeda Akter, got into engineering course and earned B.Sc. degree in January 2017 with CGPA 3.99 on scale of 4.00 from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). For my outstanding result, I awarded “Summa Cum Laude” distinction and achieved full free scholarship from my third semester for my meritorious result in my undergraduate degree.

Third Paragraph

Instructions:  Now you explain why you applied for that particular master’s program and why that varsity…..also mention some undergraduate course names which are very related with your Masters course …also mention all your knowledge about different software such as MS Office, Matlab, C and C++, Microwind, DSCH: Proteus, P-Spice, H-Spice, and AutoCAD etc.

For example: You can write something like this:

With hopes of attaining higher education from a world class university I have applied to The University of Kassel for an M.Sc program in Electrical Communication Engineering commencing from winter 2018. I was always very intuitive to subjects like Electrical Power System Analysis, Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution System, Power Station, Electrical Machines, Electrical Properties of Materials, Electronics Shop, Electronic Devices, Analog Electronics, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Telecommunication Engineering, Digital Electronics, Digital Logic Design, Industrial Electronics and these subjects caused great amount of curiosity in me. I started to immerse myself deeply into these subjects and spent long hours at the laboratory that helped me understand the intricacies of Electrical Machines, Power. I honed my skill in software like Matlab, C and C++, Microwind, DSCH: Proteus, P-Spice, H-Spice, and AutoCAD.

Fourth Paragraph

Instructions: Summary of your undergraduate thesis/Project

For example: You can write something like this:

In my undergraduate final year, I have completed my research on “Graphene (2D material) based thin film solar cell”. During this work, two types of thin film solar cells (Perovskite and amorphous) have been investigated through optical and electrical properties using graphene as transparent conductive layer (instead of ITO) for smooth nano structured surface. The whole investigation/simulation has been carried on theoretically using a commercial Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) mathematical simulation tool and Matlab software.


Fifth Paragraph

Instructions: Now you explain how your thesis knowledge is related to your Master’s Program and if you get admission what things you can learn in details. You can check the course contents of the Master’s program so that you can relate easily.


For example: You can write something like this:

From the thesis, I have acquired sufficient knowledge on the physics of the Solar Cell, Crystalline Silicone Solar Cells, Thin Film Solar Cell specially the Perovskite and amorphous solar cell. At the same time, I gathered ideas about different electrical and optical properties of graphene, got a precise concepts about the differences between Graphene and traditional ITO and industrial adaptation of graphene, semiconductor technology, semiconductor industry challenges. When I went through the contents of the M.Sc. course named Electrical Communication Engineering, University of Kassel, I found all of my thirst for knowing about Renewable Energy, Optoelectronics or Digital Communications are included inside course curriculum.

Sixth Paragraph

Instructions:  Some common dialogues.

For example: You can write something like this:

I want to participate on hands-on experiments and extract exotic properties from the designed electronic materials or devices which otherwise are not found under normal circumstances and finally describe the outcomes. I will look to experiment with different types of materials with various parametric values to achieve the best performance. Apart from mastering in the fundamental theories and using the concepts to create different designs, I want to equally emphasis on the physical realization of these ideas and prove that these models/materials or assumptions can actually be carried out in reality with extensive support of simulations and by circuit analysis.”


Seventh Paragraph

Instructions:  Check varsity website and go to the faculty list particularly for your Master’s Program ….check each profile , research interest , all published works….and try to connect with your research of interest …For example , you can mention relevant two works from two faculty members in few lines.

For example: You can write something like this:

I have seen some of the faculties’ biography in University of Kassel in the research areas of my interest and I should appreciate the strong line of academic people in this fields. I was also very impressed by their individual recent works, while going through most of their research interests, available on the website, which are relevant to my future research focus. I overwhelmed by their works and way of thinking, especially the research works by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil H. Hillmer, who is associated with the course named Optoelectronics and Optical Communication. Specifically, his Journal work titled “Optical amplification and photodegradation in thin films of spiroquaterphenyls and its derivatives” is really inspiring for me. I would be very lucky one if I could participate in this type of research group.


Eight Paragraph

Instructions: Tell about your work experiences …try to relate your job experiences with the master’s program course content.

For example: You can write something like this:

I am currently working as an assistant Engineer in a well-known Power Company named Reverie Power and Automation Engineering Company Ltd. and completely enamored with this profession. Every day of this profession was teaching me so much practically regarding to different type of electronics, optoelectronics, materials for nanoelectronics, semiconductors, power production, transmission and distribution. Besides that, I was also involved with extracurricular activities, community voluntary works likewise collecting donation for the rural flood affected people.


Ninth Paragraph

Instructions: Tell few something about Germany

For example: You can write something like this:

Germany is one of the most developed places and provides quality education and homely environment to international students. The University of Kassel is equipped great laboratory and research facilities and certainly an ideal place for young students to expand their creativity. Having proper academic qualifications, determination towards graduate studies, strong interpersonal skills and amiable nature, I will be able to bring novelty to this diverse institute in terms of research and student life.


Note: Remember try to complete your SOP within 3 pages, in some course there is a requirement of only 1 or 2 pages for your SOP, in that case, you have to maintain 1/2 pages.


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