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It is better to go through the whole process step by step with an example. For example, we are looking for Masters Programs in Business Studies in DAAD website. I am going to explain step by step with supportive screenshots, how you can search the programs properly.

Step-1: First go to DAAD website.

Step-2: Change the language into English. You can see this in the right top of the screenshot red marked.


Step-3:Then go to “information for Foreigners” and then go to “ International programs”



Step-3:Make some filter selection from the left side of the page

1. Select “Master” (But if you look for Bachelor programs then select “Bachelor”)



2. Select the drop down under “Field of Study” and then select “Business, Economics, Social Sciences, Law” ( if you would like to  search for other programs such as Engineering Programs, then you will select “Engineering” from the drop down.)



3. Now selection the course language, either English or German depending on your choice



4. Select the semester clicking on “More” drop down. Either summer semester or winter depending on your target. You can also mention location if you have specific choice for it.



5.  Another most important parameter is tuition fee which is also in “More “drop down menu.You can select the drop down below          “Tuition fees” and then “None” so that you only get the courses with no tuition fee.



6. NOW you will get all the programs related to “Masters in Business Studies” depending on your filter selection.


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